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Captain Carter and The Hydra Stomper Set is a set pack of 2 action figures in the Marvel Toybox Collection. It includes figures of Captain Carter and Steve Rogers in The Hydra Stomper as they appear in What If...?


Explore an alternative reality in which Peggy Carter receives the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers! Featuring Captain Carter and the Hydra Stomper, the Marvel Toybox playset will power up imaginations.


  • Inspired by What If...? on Disney+.
  • Includes: Captain Carter and Hydra Stomper.
  • Captain Carter holds shield.
  • Lift Hydra Stomper's helmet to reveal Steve Rogers.
  • Captain Carter attaches to Hydra Stomper's back.
  • Captain Carter and Hydra Stomper are fully poseable.
  • Created for Disney Store.
  • Part of the Marvel Toybox Collection.


  • Steve cannot be removed from The Hydra Stomper and is fixed in place, similar to Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster action figure.